Have you created meaningful relationships remotely?

It is possible. I have done it. I have many deep meaningful friendships which have been established 100% remotely.

Nuances of in-person communication are lost I suppose, but that just means we need to be more attentive to the communication tools that remain. Think about it like this. When someone loses one of their senses, the others are amplified to compensate.

My zoom meetings and phone calls with clients are efficient and effective. From a pure efficiency standpoint, they’re excellent. They’re generally shorter than in-person meetings which are great for the bottom line. What has been cut out though? What have I lost? Usually the fun parts, the best parts, the parts where relationships are forged.

Yes, sometimes we need to get to the point. But if we get lost in the efficiency of life, we lose what makes life wonderful. Relationships.

If we take the time and show sincere interest, we can still forge meaningful relationships remotely. A transaction is a one-time thing. Relationships can last forever.

Be interested, be curious, listen, share, learn. Be awesome! It may take a little more work to be deliberate and spend the time to build relationships rather than just getting down to business sometimes. But your future self will be grateful.

But if you want to connect remotely, here is how! Leave a comment below, connect on social media, send me an email, learn a bit more about me, read some of my other blog post, or visit my YouTube channel. Take your pick.

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