Think about your most meaningful relationships. I’m willing to bet that those relationships were formed through shared experiences. At least they became more meaningful through shared experiences. I would also bet that you can think of at least one lifelong friend that you haven’t seen in years but if you did, you’d feel just as close, even if your relationship was gained over a short blip in your past.

This Summer I was reunited with a dear friend who I met over 20 years ago when I was a missionary in Santiago Chile. We shared a tiny apartment together. We did hard work together serving others. It was at an important time as we were young adults learning about adulthood, responsibility, service of others, and faith. It was amazing to reconnect with each other. To spend time together again after so long. It felt as if there wasn’t even a gap in time though. And even though we had only spent a few months together, the experience we shared forged a deep meaningful relationship.

I’m sure you can think of experiences in your life that forged these relationships. Today I’m excited to connect with dear friends for our annual tradition of riding our bikes over 400 miles from Salt Lake City to St. George UT. It’s an organized ride called the Salt to Saint Bike Relay and there’s nothing quite like spending a day and night and a day out on the bike or in the support car with close friends, some of whom have become close because we met on this ride a few years ago. This weekend I get to once again deepen relationships with special people by sharing an experience together.

What are the experiences you’ve had that forged meaningful relationships?

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