Your Wife is in Law School Too?

I was in a job interview during law school. During the discussion, I noticed a curious look in the interviewer. It continued for a while as I answered questions and asked some of my own. It was a pleasant discussion, although I admit that I was always sweating bullets in job interviews. Eventually, the interviewer asked me “So your wife is in law school too?” I was a little surprised. I didn’t know where he would have got that idea. I politely replied that no, she is not in law school. He then commented that I kept referring to “we” in my answers, but not I or me. I didn’t even notice it. It was just natural to say “we decided to move to Virginia to go to Georgetown for law school.”

It’s been many years since that interview and I’ve thought about it a lot. Nothing I’ve achieved in my life was just “me.” Especially during my marriage. It’s always been “we.” My wife supported me and sacrifice many of her own ambitions. She has believed in me and encouraged me all along the way. It’s really unfair that I am the one with the law degree when she deserves it just as much as I do. We did it together. This is true for all aspects of my life with my wife. We are one. My achievements and success are equally hers and vice versa.

Adopt a We not Me Mindset

We should all strive to adopt this mindset of “we” and not “me” in all of our team efforts. Sports, work, service, and any other relationships. Think hard. Can you imagine achieving what you have without the help of others? I encourage you to thank those who are part of your “we.” I encourage you to be a better part of “we.” Together, you’ll do more good.

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